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Figure skating in tasmania 

Figure skating derives it’s name from the intricate figures that in the early days skaters carved into the ice with their blades.


These days it encompasses a range of sporting disciplines that combine skill, grace and athleticism.  Skaters can participate in either singles skating, pairs skating, ice dancing, synchronized skating or theatre on ice. 


While we may be familiar with figure skating from it being one of the most popular sports in the Winter Olympics (most famously being ice dancers Torvill and Dean), it is a sport for people of all ages.  Many skate recreationally for health and fitness, while many others participate in competitions at either state, nationally or internationally.


Ice Sports Tasmania Inc.'s goal of an Olympic sized rink would enable figure skating to grow and develop.

ice hockey in

Ice Hockey is a fast paced, high intensity sport combining dual disciplines of ice skating as well as stick and puck. It is a sport enjoyed worldwide, particularly in colder climates such as Canada, the United States and Northern Europe.


We have had a continuous ice hockey league - the Van Diemens League - running in Hobart for decades and our players are every bit as passionate about the game as our overseas sisters and brothers.


Ice Hockey is safe, inclusive and absolutely the best fun for people of all ages, even if you've never skated before! Getting a new rink would mean that our community could continue and flourish and many more could enjoy our great game both as players and as spectators.

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